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Client Reviews

Activize is a highly qualified medical device company with deep, relevant experience and conviction, serving our clients for over 31 years.  As professionals, the client/patient care pathway is of highest priority.


Activize services the surgeon, hospital, surgery center, clinic, and their staffs.  “Activize appreciates participation in pre, intra, and post-surgical project initiatives thus practicing a keen awareness of acquired medical, financial, engineering, sales, and marketing functions.

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‘If you have interacted with the services of Steve Corsello, you have likely experienced honesty, integrity, and unparalleled competence. Steve is the type of leader a manager goes to when strategic collaboration is needed. Steve and his team will always get the job done and always put patients and clinically related partners first. I’ve been in Orthopedics for some 35 years and consider Steve Corsello to be among the top 5 I’ve worked with."


Jeff Segert

Former Regional Sales Director – Orthofix / Principle Senior Territory manager - BIOMET

“I’ve known Steve for almost 10 years and fully respect his commitment to long-term business relationships with surgeons, hospitals, vendors, and fellow distributors & reps. Having done this for over 30 years, Steve has an unparalleled mastery of both strategic and tactical aspects of our business. As for clinical knowledge, O.R. support, and a deep understanding of how facilities truly function, Steve is second to none. As a result of Steve’s experience and commitment to excellence, Activize is the whole package. When I hear C-level administrators and Materials Management staff talk about adopting a “rep-less model” or a “1 or 2 vendor system” it’s hard to suppress my laughter at their ignorance of the VALUE that people such as Steve and his team bring to the table. I consider Steve to be one of the last great independents in the medical device industry, a solid business partner, and a true friend.”

Chuck G. - Founder & General Manager, Sisu Spine, LLC

‘I have had the opportunity to work with Steve Corsello for 24 years and have found him to be an excellent distributor of biologic and orthopedic implants.  He has always comported himself in a professional manner and has made himself available for educational and surgical support without fail.  Steve Corsello is an exemplary distributor and representative of the products he supports and will be an asset to any company that wishes to do business with him.’

Dr. John Scheland



"I have known Mr. Steve Corsello for almost 15 years. Steve is a very authentic person and I have enjoyed building our professional and personal friendship. Steve and I met in the industry of the medical device marketplace. He has high energy, a lot of knowledge, and wisdom in our chosen space. Like me, Steve puts a winning combination into his entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, possessing a mutual love and passion to serve hospital, doctors, and their patients with cutting-edge technologies as he is committed to identifying solutions to challenges that face healthcare today and in the future… love him like a brother."


Mike W. – Principal – Medical Device Solutions (MDS)



"I was never hesitant to call upon Steve’s advice on extremity products when I needed help. Steve has always been very personable, gracious, polite, and always ready to help me. From 1995 to the present, I felt we had a great working and friendly relationship, even having met his wife on occasion. Diane is as gracious as Steve and fortunate to have a gentleman for her life partner. Not all sales reps stand out, but Steve was always one of my favorites. Steve, you are quite a man. Best Wishes to you and your Family!"

Sue M. - Retired Operating Room Team Leader



“I have worked with and hired over 100 agents/distributors throughout my career. In addition to providing excellent sales support for our devices, Steve is one of the select few in the industry who I seek for advice on product development and marketing.”

Jay E. - President / TekArtis



“Steve Corsello has been a great asset to me as the representative for Activize, Inc. He always provides excellent service for my shoulder implant cases.”


Dr. Jeff A. MD - Former President / American Shoulder and Elbow Society



"I highly recommend Steve Corsello & Activize. I have worked with them for years. The Vilex implants are great to work with."


Dr. Philip O. - Low Extremity Surgeon


"I have known and appreciated Steve Corsello since 1994. He has been carrying the Vilex product line as a distributor for over 23 years. Steve has personal integrity and carries that forward into his business life. The best recommendation: I can depend on him!"


Sylvia S. - President / Vilex, Inc.



"As a former medical device sales professional, Steve was instrumental in providing me with the knowledge and expertise that are essential to succeed in the field. His professionalism and dedication to the surgeons and hospital staff he works with were highly valued and readily apparent through my personal experience with Steve."

Guido L. Jr.



“I have had the distinct pleasure of working on several initiatives with Steve on multiple occasions. One of the aspects of working with Steve that I deeply appreciate is his forthright honesty and delivery of information in a positive and beneficial manner. To that end, and with Steve's assistance, I was able to arrive at solutions that ended up improving service for my institution. But this encounter was not a one-hit-wonder, as, over the years, Steve has proven an asset despite my movement from one company to another. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to any interested party.”


Matt A. - Materials Management/ Supply Chain Professional



“I have known Steve for the past 25 years and have had the opportunity to work with him on many consulting projects and business ventures. It has always been a great joy to work with Steve as he is the epitome of a ‘True Gentleman’ and is one talented “Sales & Marketing” professional. Steve will always hold true to his word and promises and is a rare business professional where a hand-shake binds his promises and commitments. He manages his business with the utmost integrity and honesty and it is always a “breath of fresh air” to work with Steve and do business with Activize. He ranks in the 99th percentile when it comes to the talent and expertise he possesses in his profession. I always welcome the opportunity to work with Steve on consulting projects and business ventures and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”


Bob P. - Clinical Research & Healthcare Industry Senior Executive



“If you are looking for an individual with solid moral and ethical standards then you have found your man in Steve. Certainly, he is capable as a businessman, but if its only credentials you are looking for you can find them on every corner of this site. The man who has both experience and standards is a rare find these days. I highly recommend Steve.”


Mark M. - General Counsel / TriStar Medical Solutions, LLC


"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Activize and Steve Corsello for over ten years. There are very few individuals and organizations that have been able to maintain the high level of credibility, integrity, and ethics that Steve and Activize have consistently demonstrated. The medical industry is currently going through a number of changes and challenges, making it more critical than ever to choose reliable industry partners."

Roy D. - Metropolitan Medical Solutions, LLC



"I have worked with Steve on many projects. He has always been completely professional and willing to help our account. His responsiveness is timely and accurate. He is polite and respects all staff members. I would not have any issues working with him in the future."


Joshua B. - Perioperative Materials / Hackensack University Medical Center

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