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Solution oriented partners supporting patient care initiatives, patient & physician satisfaction and facility optimization.

Healthcare is individual.

Healthcare is an art.

Healthcare is local.

Healthcare is a privilege.


The uniqueness of our partner’s product and service offerings in conjunction with our expert consult our clients uniquely benefit in the industry from both a patient/clinical outcome standpoint and economic outcome standpoint

Several supportive partners:

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Today’s complex healthcare marketplace requires a tangible conduit of professional medtech support, service, and consultation to assist in assessing cost-effective intra-operative technique, streamlined reproducibility, and improving outcomes for patients and caregiving entities.

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Steve Corsello

Principal - Activize Inc.

  • LinkedIn Steve Corsello

Steve Corsello is a recognized expert in the field of Medical Devices and operating room assistance with over 33 years of experience in the role of an independent contractor and patient advocacy.

Steve’s diverse client base includes Surgeons, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Clinics. Steve contributes to pioneering with device manufacturers throughout the cycle of surgical care. Steve has vast experience in Device Sales and Distribution, Orthobiologic Sales and Distribution, Product Engineering, and Analytics. This experience supports an aggressive channel strategy.


“Several of Steve’s consulting engagements have included working with the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania as well as with National Taiwan University applying his business acumen, critical thinking, and relevant market research to offer insights to manufacturer revenue projections and to more effective product positioning.   Steve possesses both organizational and management skills and has created a team of diverse talent that highlights unique selling opportunities and the critical strengths of the manufacturer’s products.

Steve has participated and served as a valuable information resource on various panels related to orthopedic device rational and surgical application. Several occasions have included discussion on the advancement and development of prosthetic treatments for diaphyseal bone deficit in the femur and knee joint region due to metastases, infections, and trauma at the ‘Experts meet Experts’ symposium in Berlin, Germany.


Steve is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He shares his most significant achievement with his wife Diane celebrating 34 years together, raising six children in Durham, PA. When not at the office or traveling to see clients, Steve enjoys spending time fishing, gardening, and spending time with his family. 

Diane Corsello

CFO Activize, Inc.

Diane Corsello.jpg
  • LinkedIn Diane Corsello

Meet Diane Corsello - CFO

Diane Corsello is Co-owner at both Activize, Inc., and Durham Valley LLC, a real estate holding company.

She has been a partner at Activize Inc. with Steve Corsello since its inception over 30 years ago. She has extensive experience in cash flow management, taxes, human resources, and property management.
Diane is highly regarded as an active participant at Activize. She is also highly regarded by the local community having been appointed by the Durham Township Board of Supervisors, and then elected by the voters of Durham Township to the position of Auditor. She considers it a privilege to use her skillset to serve Activize Inc. as well as the community.

Among her greatest accomplishments, Diane has maintained a happy marriage while raising 6 children and assisting in operating several businesses spanning over 33 years. Every day those around Diane are reminded of her tenacity, endurance, patience, and persistence, not to mention some financial know-how.

Diane’s strong core family values and passion for her home, children, and grandchildren resonates in her daily activities, serving Activize’s mission in supporting patient care.

Diane (Rizzuto) Corsello received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with a minor in Spanish from the State University of New York at Albany.

Her hobbies include walking, yoga, cooking, writing, reading, travel, and history. She also enjoys leading women’s small groups and planning and attending large-scale events for women.

David Gilheany

Account Representative at Activize, Inc.

David Gilheany.jpg
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Mr. Gilheany enjoins strong ethical values within the Activize organizational model. He exhibits an individual concern within the patient care initiative spectrum. In step with the company’s daily endeavors, Dave interacts with patients, physicians, & hospital staff on a clinical and administrative level. As a certified Pilates instructor, Dave’s embodies a passion well set in a solution based medical device environment. With a broad knowledge of human musculoskeletal anatomy, Dave offers himself as an information resource within the pre, intra, and post-surgical environment. Dave possesses a degree in Business, graduating with high honors. 

In his free time, Dave enjoys spending time with his girlfriend cooking, kayaking, bicycling, swing dancing, and gardening.

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